Review: Club Electric Blue in Pattaya, Thailand

Club Electric Blue is one of the many go-go bars in Pattaya. While not located directly on Walking Street, it is still widely considered a ‘Walking Street Bar.’ I can only agree with that assessment since it is just a minute away on foot. More importantly, it is filled with sexy dancers in g-strings that entice people to make the short trip. Way back in 2013, I posted a review of Club Electric Blue in Bangkok. At the time, I gave it four-and-a-half stars and mentioned that it was filled with beautiful women. Five years later, I reported on the closure of that bar as a steakhouse was moving in to take its place. Now, I am finally able to do a review of Club Electric Blue in Pattaya, which is arguably a better venue.

Club Electric Blue in Pattaya

Club Electric Blue is located on Soi 15, just up from the previously reviewed and seriously overrated Sapphire. It is easy to find, with a very obvious entrance, and there are usually some ladies either out front or on Walking Street, helping guys find the bar as well.

Inside Club Electric Blue, it has a more or less normal layout. There are comfortable seats all around the bar, and a couple of raised stages that provide a clear view from all seats. This isn’t one of those bars where some seats are much better than others; it’s open all around.

The wait staff is friendly and attentive. They’re always quick to take orders and return with what they were supposed to bring. The vibe varies from nonchalant to fun, and there is never a dreary and depressing atmosphere. With old seadogs like me coming into the bar on a regular basis, the staff is definitely to thank for that.

There are always an appropriate number of women working at Club Electric Blue. It isn’t overflowing with women like the previously reviewed Palace agogo, but there are enough women around to outnumber the customers and keep the stages and floor lively and busy. More importantly, a significant share of those women are extremely attractive.

Staff, service, and summary

Unlike some of the other Thai go-go bars in operation, this place seems to have some employment requirements in place. That doesn’t mean there are no older or less attractive women around, but some standards are clearly adhered to. Additionally, there is a pack of truly fit and gorgeous ladies. So, there is really something for everyone. I can’t imagine a man alive who wouldn’t find at least some of these bar girls alluring, unless they had some sort of strange Aryan obsession.

Some of the best-looking go-go dancers in Thailand can be found at Club Electric Blue on any given night. I am talking about tight, tanned babes in the nineteen to twenty-three age range, with all the right curves and very cute faces. It’s like a throwback to the old days when every woman working in a go-go bar had a beautiful body. That’s always nice to see.

Club Electric Blue isn’t the cheapest place in town. For example, a draft beer goes for 110 Baht. So, it’s more expensive than the old CEB in Bangkok too. But times have changed, and so have rates, which applies to almost everything. It extends to the barfine and the tips expected from dancers who engage in intimate activities with customers. These days, a woman might expect a couple thousand Baht on top of the thousand a guy gives to the bar to end a work shift early. However, all of this is announced upfront, and there’s no bill padding or other rip-offs here. So, anyone who thinks they overspent would only have themselves to blame.

There are lots of go-go bars in Pattaya, as it is what the city is most known for. Go-go bars have become more popular with tourists than expats and regulars in recent years, with the possible exception of a few places like Windmill. It is easy to see why. At the same time, Club Electric Blue maintains some of the old standards and continues to seek out the most attractive women they can find to work the poles. That is the key ingredient in any go-go bar. It could improve in some areas, but this place is quite good where it counts. So, I give Club Electric Blue Pattaya four stars.

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