Review: Baccara in Pattaya, Thailand

Baccara is one of the many go-go bars located on Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. However, it stands out as one of the largest and most well-known establishments in the area. While there are numerous agogo bars on the strip and throughout the city, few can compare to the popularity and fame of Baccara.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that popularity does not always guarantee quality. This was evident in my previous review of the nearby Sapphire Club. Baccara in Pattaya, like many go-go bars in Thailand, does face certain challenges. However, it is not a bad place by any means.

If someone is seeking an example of a modern and successful go-go bar in Thailand, Baccara would definitely meet their expectations. The sustainability of this model is a separate question that warrants further examination. For now, let’s focus on Baccara as it currently stands in Pattaya.

Located on Walking Street, Baccara is easily identifiable amidst the sea of neon lights. The bar boasts a large red grid-style sign with glowing white letters spelling out “BACCARA.” Additionally, there are usually several women in the vicinity holding signs bearing the bar’s name. It is impossible to miss.

Similar to other large go-go bars in the area, Baccara has a security team stationed outside. Unlike some establishments, the security presence here is relatively unobtrusive. Inside the bar, there is a large and attentive wait staff. They promptly take orders and serve drinks. In fact, some may argue that they are overly attentive, as they are quick to replace a bottle of beer even when it is only twenty percent empty.

Regarding the interior, Baccara is one of the largest go-go bars you will come across. This might not always be immediately evident, as the place tends to get quite crowded. However, in the new normal, it is easier to appreciate the spaciousness of the venue. The ground floor features a long stage surrounded by seats, and there is an additional stage upstairs. Connecting the two is a transparent glass floor, allowing patrons downstairs to catch glimpses up the skirts of the dancers above—assuming they can divert their attention from the women performing directly in front of them.

Now, let’s discuss the staff and provide an overall summary of the experience at Baccara. As is the case with most establishments of this nature, the women are the main attraction. Baccara certainly does not lack in this department, with a plethora of attractive and fit ladies. The majority of them have undergone cosmetic enhancements, such as nose and breast surgeries. Natural bodies are relatively less common, particularly on the ground floor. While tattoos are present, they are not as prevalent as in some other establishments. Therefore, the dancers at Baccara tend to embody the Thai Penthouse style aesthetic.

Lady drinks and bar fines are available, although they come at a higher price compared to venues like Soi 6 bars. However, it’s essential to remember that this is not Soi 6 but the bustling heart of Walking Street, an area that attracts tourists from all over the world. The women at Baccara are aware of this and choose to work there partly due to this reason. Thus, it is expected that they would command a premium price, especially if they can get it.

The staff at Baccara may not be the warmest or most welcoming, reminiscent more of women working in a strip club in New York rather than farm girls seeking extra income in a beer bar. They maintain a professional demeanor and appearance, which isn’t necessarily a negative aspect—it is what it is.

Baccara is undeniably one of the most popular go-go bars in Pattaya, and this reputation is somewhat justified. The management clearly knows how to run the place. However, being popular does not automatically make it the best option, as various factors, including the go-go model itself in this changing world, should be taken into consideration. As it currently stands, in my opinion, Baccara is quite satisfactory, earning a three-star rating.

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