Adult camming continues!

By now, you may have heard the major news: OnlyFans has announced that it will ban all pornographic content from its website starting in October. This decision is supposedly made to satisfy payment processors and major credit card companies. However, adult cam sites continue to operate without any hindrance, accepting major credit cards through payment processors. Clearly, there is more to this situation than meets the eye, and I’ll leave it to the readers to discern the underlying motives.

I had previously speculated about OnlyFans potentially banning porn in a report on worthwhile paid adult content nearly two months ago. In that piece, I mentioned a rumor suggesting that OnlyFans wanted to “clean up its act” in order to attract a significant financial sponsor or potential buyer. It appears that this is indeed the case. While they may be sacrificing sex workers and their customers in the process, the potential for millions, or even billions, of dollars seems to outweigh their concerns.

Several years ago, Tumblr also made the decision to ban adult content from its platform. Countless pages and images were removed in this extensive “cleanup.” As a result, many users, including myself, abandoned the site for good. While you can still find plenty of porn on Tumblr today, active user engagement has significantly decreased, and the platform has lost much of its former popularity. The whole endeavor appears to have been a futile effort.

What about PornHub? They recently purged numerous accounts, images, and videos from their site, resulting in the loss of countless users and views. Although PornHub remains the 74th most popular website globally, it no longer resembles its former self, lacking the vibrant community of creators and viewers it once had. The PornHub initiative may have been more successful than Tumblr’s, but I doubt OnlyFans will achieve the same outcome. I can only imagine that their site will experience a decline similar to that of Myspace after the Murdoch buyout. Only time will reveal the true extent of the impact.

Meanwhile, adult webcamming continues to thrive. When I recently accessed some Asian cam sites, I was astonished to find an unprecedented number of models. Over the years, the number of cam sites and models has steadily grown, defying attempts by various entities, from social media giants to out-of-touch politicians, to suppress amateur porn producers. It has persisted despite premature declarations of “the death of porn.”

Live cams are immensely popular and will continue to attract both performers and viewers. While there is an abundance of prerecorded pornographic or “adult content” available online today, it cannot replicate the experience of a live show where viewers can interact with performers in real time and even influence their actions. Adult cams endure for the same reasons that strip clubs do. It’s fitting since strip clubs also readily accept major credit cards without any issues.

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